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Setting up the message




There are several methods available to set up the message of a campaign. The choice of a method depends on how the message is created:

  • Hosted message: Import a URL
  • Message in HTML format with an image directory on your computer: Import a ZIP file
  • Resume messages created in the "messages" and "responsive messages" section: Templates
  • Message in HTML format with images hosted by you : Edit source
  • Message in Word format: Save as => Filtered web page then Import a ZIP file
  • No message: HTML editor

Import URL

You have a message already hosted (on a website for example)?

This method is the simplest. Get the URL of the page and enter it in the "Import URL" window.

The whole message is imported:

  • The body of the message is recorded. The CSS are separated and entered in the right place.
  • Links to images are rewritten as needed to make them absolutelinks
  • The links are rewritten so that the platform can track them.


To work properly, the platform needs a correct HTML source.

Without going so far as to require the W3C standard, here are a few rules to respect:

  • the main tags must be present:
    • <body> and </body>
    • <style> and </style> if applicable

Import ZIP

Very similar to the "Import a URL" method, this function also allows you to host images on the MDWorks platform.

Make a ZIP file containing your HTML page (only one) and the directory(ies) containing the images.

The HTML page and the image directory must be at the root of the ZIP file (i.e. the HTML page and the image directory must be zipped, not the directory that contains them).


You can import different templates.

You have the possibility to start from "generic" templates via the "templates" tab and then modify them with the "responsive editor" part to put your texts, images...
Or you can import the messages that you have created beforehand in the messages section (in the left menu), corresponding to the "messages" and "responsive messages" tabs respectively.


This method is used to paste the source of a message directly into the MDWorks platform.

Apart from the rewriting of the links to be able to track, no changes are made to the source.

Therefore, the images must already be hosted and the link to the images must be absolute.


It allows you to create messages within the platform via modules similar to a word processor.



This section allows you to manually edit the style sheets (CSS) attached to the message.


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