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Send your SMS campaign

Please note: Legally, SMS marketing campaigns cannot be sent:

  • between 20h and 08h
  • Sundays
  • on public holidays.

The platform does not allow you to send a campaign outside of the allowed ranges.

Before sending your campaign, you have the possibility to make a test, in the "test" part of your campaign, in order to see the rendering of your message.
Then, once validated, you have two possibilities to send your SMS campaign: immediate sending or planned sending.

To send your campaign immediately, simply click on "send" and then "send immediately".

The "schedule" function allows you to program the sending of your campaign later.
If you click on this tab, you will have to specify the date and time you want your campaign to start and then press the "validate" button to save your choice.

The schedule is shown in the list of your campaigns like this:

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