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Mass campaign planning

This module meets a specific need:


Send the same campaign to several segments of a contact list over several days. This type of shipment is common in prospecting shipments. Unlike segmented sending of a campaign, in this case several campaigns are created, each on different segments. This makes statistics more usable.

Mass planning makes it easy and quick to prepare these campaigns, which are spread over several days.

- Choose the campaign as a model. The proposed list lists the pending campaigns.

- If you have sub-accounts, you have the option of sending campaigns to one of these sub-accounts.

- Then select the contact list containing the recipients

- Filters allow you to filter only certain contacts for campaign creation

- This is the segment field used to create campaigns. By default a campaign per segment will be created. It is possible to choose to add more than one segment per campaign.

- Then indicate the days and times you want to send your campaign. One campaign per selected day will be created, for as many days as there are segments left to add.

- Specify the reference of the campaigns to be created.
For information, each campaign reference will be completed with the name of the segment(s) to which it will be sent.

- Finally, you have three options to set up the sender email:
* Set up an email
* Use the email that is configured for the account in the account management page*
* Use the default email (this is the recommended option; the behavior is the same as the "default" button below the sender's email field on the campaign preparation page)








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