[Chapitre : Set up a campaign]
General parameters


The reference of the campaign is the name we will give it in order to find it more easily in the active list and in the archives.

This reference is internal, it does not appear in the content of the messages sent to the recipients of the campaign.

Language of the campaign

Allows you to select the language of the unsubscribe link that appears at the end of the message.

Subject of the message

The subject of the message as it will appear in the recipients' favorite email application.

Sender's name

This is the name under which you want to appear as a sender.

Sender's email and automatic return management

The activation of the automatic return management is highly recommended.

This option allows you to:

  • Automatically detect bad addresses.
  • Avoid receiving hundreds or even thousands of error messages in your personal email.
  • Protect your domain name from blacklisting.
  • To benefit from all the authentication system of the mail servers that we have set up, in order to improve the deliverability of your campaigns.

Reply email

The reply email receives direct replies to the message, when recipients click the "Reply" command in their favorite email application.

It also receives automatic messages of absence from the office, whose volume can be significant on important campaigns.

Name of the recipient

By default, if the field is not filled in, the recipient's email address is displayed in the "To:" field (recipient), however you can display his first and last name by using the option: personalization variables.

Unsubscribe link

By default the automatic management of the unsubscription is activated, the unsubscription link is visible at the bottom of the message in the selected language, in this case the system automatically manages the unsubscriptions from one campaign to another.

If you have your own unsubscribe system or if you wish to set up a more refined management of the unsubscribe action, this automatic management can be disabled. The unsubscribe link automatically inserted by the platform disappears and you must then provide your own link in the message.

Protecting access to statistics

The link to the real time statistics page is not protected, the URL of the statistics page is specific to the campaign, only those who have received this link will be able to open it.

However you have the possibility to add an additional protection with the help of a login / password, if you wish for example to give the access only for a given duration.

Module: Recommendation

This module allows you to generate a PHP script to host on your site.

The script proposes a form in which the recipient of a message can enter the email address of his colleagues / friends.

These new recipients then receive the same message from the person who filled out the form.

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