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Add contacts to your hosted database

via the interface (by hand or upload)

You can import your contacts into your database via an Excel file.

To do this, go to the "import" tab, then select your file.

import contact

Please note that your Excel file must be in txt or CVS format -with a semicolon separator-.
If your file contains column headings, such as "name", "address", "email", you must delete them before importing your document.

Once your contacts are imported, when you go to the "Content" section, you can view your contacts. You can also modify them within the platform, delete them or add new ones via the buttons shown below.
The search module will make it easier for you to find the contacts you want to modify.

2016-09-05 (12)

via a formualire

It is also possible to save your contacts after sending a form.
The page "Automatically add a contact to your list after filling out a form", in the "Responsive" section, shows you the steps to take to implement this action.

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