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Recover a filtered file from several campaigns (openers, clickers, …)


The filtered file allows you to retrieve independently a file of openers, clickers, NPAI or unsubscribers. It corresponds to the data breakdown of the enriched file. The advantage is to recover a file of unsubscribers or NPAI for example, without having to recover the entire file enriched.

How to recover a filtered file

Unlike the other modes of file recovery, this one is not done on the campaign page. When you are in the "email campaigns" section, click on the "Reports" menu and choose the corresponding tab (openers, clickers, unsubscribers or unsubscribed). The list of your campaigns appears. You can check either ONE or SEVERAL campaigns. Then click on "Generate File". A window opens and offers you to save the file. Whether you have chosen one or more campaigns, only one file will be generated.

filtered file

This function is mainly used to generate a file with all the unsubscribes of your campaigns. Regarding openers and clickers, it is advisable to recover them after each campaign to better process returns and re-launch clickers.

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