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I want to change the text of the unsubscribe link while keeping the automatic management of unsubscribes


By default, an unsubscribe link is added to the bottom of each campaign. This text is fixed.

Only the language can be changed (via the "Language" menu in the advanced settings of the campaign).


It is possible to disable this link and manage the text yourself.

This allows you to use the text of your choice or to integrate this unsubscribe link in another place in your message.

Manual management of the unsubscribe link of a campaign

  • Disable automatic unsubscribe management on the campaign.

  • Add your unsubscribe text in the right place in your message and use the code : @@@

    The @@@ code will be automatically replaced by the unsubscribe link in the campaign.

    Example of HTML code including a custom unsubscribe text and the link to the unsubscribe page:

    Pour ne plus recevoir les messages de XXX, <a href="@@@">veuillez suivre ce lien</a>.

Special case of the responsive editor and the basic editor

To add this custom unsubscribe link in one of the editors, select your text, click on the "Link" button (the little anchor) and then choose "Other" as the protocol before entering the code @@@.

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