[Chapitre : Retrieve behavioral data]
Behavioral Data – Introduction


The purpose of behavioral data is to analyze the returns of your email campaigns.

2 important data are to be studied:

- La consultation des statistiques de votre campagne
- La récupération du fichier enrichit

The statistical data can be consulted as soon as the campaign is sent and is updated in real time. They allow you to know the behavior of your file and its reaction to the message sent (opening rate, clicks, unsubscribes, NPAI, distribution of clicks by link etc...).

The recovery of the enriched file allows you to know the behavior of EACH of your contacts. This helps you to reactivate contacts who have reacted to your message (click for example), or to clean your database of Hard NPAI. All this information can be viewed on your campaign page.

An emailing campaign is part of a prospecting or loyalty campaign. If your goal is to sell a product or service, it's rare to get a return on investment from a single campaign. In fact, it allows you to qualify a part of your file that has shown an interest. It must follow an imperative revival of the clickers whose behavior you know in order to make them a concrete and personalized offer.

That's the whole point of obtaining and studying behavioral data

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