[Chapitre : Retrieve behavioral data]
Analyze the enriched file


The analysis of the enriched file will allow you to know who has received your message or why the reception was not well done.


After downloading the excel file, the entire database assigned to the campaign is returned to you and several information are added:

- One column STATUS

- Several columns corresponding to each of the links present in the mail. In these columns, filling the box with a "Y" means that the person has clicked on that particular link.

The STATUS column

It allows you to have all the information on the behavior of your customers. It can take several values:

- Empty:

The email was sent to your contact correctly but we have not had any feedback on its openings.

- "Disenrolled:

The person has clicked on the unsubscribe link in your message.

- "Open:

The person received your message and opened it. In brackets you will find the number of total openings by the person concerned. Attention! If your contact forwards the message to another person, the openings of the latter will also be counted. This can also be used to find out if your contact has forwarded this message to other people, but this information is not exhaustive.

- "NPAI (hard)":

Definitive problem. Your recipient's mail server has replied that your contact does not exist. Some bounces will be classified as hard NPAI, if we are sure that the domain name does not exist.

- "NPAI (soft)":

Temporary problem. The mail server of your client has responded but is unable to process our request. We put this address on hold and try to contact him again for 48 hours.

- "NPAI (bounce)":

Bounces are errors due to the Internet network. These are servers that cannot be found, incorrect domain names, DNS configuration errors, network errors, .... The mail server is therefore not reachable. As with the soft NPAI, we place this address on hold and try to contact it again within 48 hours.

- "NPAI (overquota)":

Your client's mail server has told us that the destination box no longer has enough space to receive your message.
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