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All the accented characters in my message are replaced by weird characters


Your message looks like this:


The charset supported by the MDWorks platform is iso-8859-1.

This is the most compatible coding for the moment with email clients.

Some HTML editors (e.g. Dreamweaver CS 3) use another encoding by default: UTF-8.

This coding is not compatible with MDWorks.

Change the coding of a message

Download Textpad

Open the HTML file in Textpad.

Click on Save As ...

Select the ANSI coding.


Setting up Dreamweaver CS 3 for new documents

To avoid this problem, simply set up Dreamweaver.

Edit menu => Preferences

Category "New document", select the default coding: Western Europe.

All new HTML pages created by Dreamweaver will use the correct coding.


Changing the charset of a page in Dreamweaver CS 3

To change the charset of an open page in Dreamweaver, select the "Edit" menu and then "Page Properties".


Select "Western Europe" instead of UTF-8


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